Artisan 2.0.0 has been released

Just an fyi for those that are using Artisan, they have released version 2.0.0 and it’s a pretty big update with some interesting new features/resources. They have also created a new “Inventory Management for Artisan” service called “”.

Artisan 2 announcement and details

Artisan 2.0.0 download site

I can’t remember, are you using Artisan now, or just on your previous roaster?

The Bullet is my first software-control enabled roaster and I’m happy with Roast Time (but don’t know what I don’t know :slight_smile: ).

@wngsprd - I’ve been using Artisan for several weeks for my Bullet roasts. I too am new to having a roaster that can take advantage of this kind of software.

I’m not “married” to Artisan, but decided to switch because I’m not forced into the “Aillio cloud” to have analysis access on my roast records. I’m also not a fan of having every roast session posted to the cloud whether it was a good result or not. After it became clear that Aillio wasn’t going to change that requirement, I decided to move away from RoasTime. Artisan doesn’t force the user into those corners with either the roasting software or with the new cloud-based Inventory Management tool. I like that…:sunglasses:

I always thought RoasTime was fairly well written and might consider going back to it if it ever breaks free of those “cloud” requirements. Artisan is a very good tool that offers a myriad of user designated customizations and devices. It will either “tweak your techie-melon” or cause you to feel it is too complex. I’m more in the “techy” camp and by no means fluent in Artisan. Just learning to use it as I go and looking forward to my next roast session with the new Artisan 2.0.0 version.


Unfortunately looks like a case of the issues. Registered for Artisan+ but can’t log in until I activate my email with the link sent. The link isn’t correctly formatted so I reconstructed it and was confirmed as activated. But trying to log in with email and password once again says I am not yet activated go to email. Tried to reset password and again the link you get emailed is missing the bits of the URL that do it.

So for now, I think I’ll stay with RoasTime until the obligatory 2.01 drop.

@stuartmcknight - I didn’t have any problem with the link they sent me in the email. It took me to the artisan+ website and said that I was “registered”. But, I also can’t login with the credentials that I created, so I sent an email back to the admin to inform them of the problem. Hey, it’s new and no worse that some of the bugs that we encounter here with Aillio software. :yum: I’ll give the people an opportunity to fix it and eventually get into the site.

PS: I also sent an email to “Marko” at Artisan about the problem.

I’ve been using a beta version of 2.0 for the sole purpose of being able to control the Curve settings of BT and ET independently. From my experience the IBTS ROR is much more unstable and the ROR was mostly useless. This instability seemed to coincide when the induction board fan would turn on full blast but that might just be a coincidence.

In any event being able to set the delta span and/or smoothing for the IBTS ROR is a good thing although it somewhat defeats the purpose of the IBTS being instantaneous.

The next time I roast I’ll grab the released 2.0 and report back if I see the error you’re talking about.

I got an email response from Marko today. He said…“We are at the World of Coffee show in Berlin right now and will activate your accounts next week. All will receive a separate message from us.

So, it looks like they are aware of the activation issue with Artisan+ and will be addressing it next week. I’ve always had my own custom Excel Inventory of my coffees, so no worries about the wait. I like that Artisan 2.0 is designed to communicate with Artisan+ and this statement in particular: “All roast profiles stay local just with you and are not shared with the platform.”

@leftiesrule - I just got Artisan 2.0 configured and upgraded today from ver 1.62. Whatever improvements they made has allowed me to finally get my Omega HH506RA Datalogger added as an Extra device. I’m now able to sample the Bullet’s exhaust temp that exits the Drum through a tweaked version of the Bullet’s Chute-plug. That location (for me) is a preferred spot to sample and get an advance look at overall ET.

Wait until next week to register for the Artisan+ site due to the problem they will be addressing when Marko returns from the show.

My roast results using Artisan 1.62 have been working just fine. I’ve yet to run a full test-roast through ver 2.0 and probably will get to that sometime this weekend.

Update on the Artisan+ registration problem.

Marko later said this: “Just a quick note: account activation is manual and has to be done by us. We are currently presenting Artisan and at World of Coffee in Berlin and will start with the account activation begin of next week after our return. Please stay tuned.”

So, it was basically timing that caused the problem. I expect that they wanted to announce Artisan+ and the 2.0 release (at World of Coffee), but just didn’t have time to actually enable all those that signed up right before they left for the show. So, it’s not (yet) a technical issue to solve and hopefully those of us that signed up can start testing the new Artisan+ inventory features that connect into Artisan 2.0.0.

Just an update about the new Artisan+ Inventory management that connects to the Artisan Roaster Scope software. Marko says that they got everyone (that applied for an account) “registered” and I can now access the website/application.

One important discovery after I got into the artisan+ site. There is (by default) a 1-month free trial that shows up on the very bottom right of your user screen. There is also a 3-month free period in the Store, but you do have to go through their purchase process to get that offer. After that, it becomes a subscription service that has differing prices depending upon whether you are a Home-roaster or Professional. The Home-roaster pricing ranges (in Euro dollars) from $10/month to $99 for the annual service (with 3 and 6-month pricing flavors as well). The Professional pricing is substantially higher.

The Inventory Management application is pretty thorough and it works with the Artisan Roaster software. But, I can’t justify paying for a fee-based inventory solution for a home-roast, self consumption environment. It could appeal more to someone that is running a coffee business that is operating from home or a brick-n-mortar shop.

I am having good use from the Artisan 2.0.0 roasting software thus far. It is definitely a learning curve that won’t appeal to everyone. But for those that venture there, my best advice is to carefully read the Guides which can save time. :wink:

Agreed, as a home roaster it doesn’t really qualify as RoI for me…a number of the “reports” are “coming soon” - I suspect they are targeting Cropster users…

Yes, everything about the artisan+ inventory application has a coffee business feel to it. I felt rather out of place entering my typical 5lbs purchases of the various coffees I frequent.

For my very small (personal) usage, my own Excel file does just fine and it only takes a minute or so to update it. I use my own inventory mainly so I can sort it by greens age to make sure I use up the older inventory before it becomes a past-crop, card-board extravaganza. :woozy_face:

I’m not very technically saavy. I ran Artsan on my HotTop 2K+ before I bought my Bullet. To be honest, I feel even after a few years, I haven’t mastered running my Bullet roaster, but I do enjoy the time savings of being able to roast larger batches.

On thing I never attempted on Artisan when using my HotTop was the Roast Learner add-on GitHub - aderusha/RoastLearner: Machine learning audio classification engine for Artisan
I did attempt to use it on the prior version of Artisan as soon as it supported the Bullet, but I was un-successful.

Does anyone know if the Roast Learner (basically an AI 1C detection program using a USB microphone), works with the newest version of Artisan?