Artisan software in R1


The only “place” I’ve noticed here in Roast World is the “Feature Suggestions” category. Seems that would be the place (if monitored) to make your “enhancement requests”.

Back to the Aillio Bullet Driver replacement problems and I’m quite familiar with Device Manager. I ran into difficulty in cleanly removing (or replacing) the Aillio Driver (especially the new one). I used every trick that I knew along with the Driver’s Property options to delete a driver. But, the Aillio driver would keep re-emerging in a broken state every time I plugged-in the Bullet’s USB cable.

What finally solved that for me was following a recommendation that Jacob made to another user in a related thread titled " How to do a clean uninstall and install Windows 10?". Jacob commented:

“You try to remove these:

Deleting those two sub-folders in AppData finally killed the zombie Aillio Driver and allowed me to do a fresh installation of the driver from RoasTime. Prior to that, running a fresh installation of RoasTime 2.2.0 was not removing/replacing the previous (broken) driver as it is supposed to do. I knew that RoasTime was skipping the driver replacement because the installation was skipping right over the routines that open in a Command Prompt window to install drivers. Once I followed Jacob’s suggestion, RoasTime returned to doing a normal install routine including driver installation.


Looking at the Artisan source code for the Bullet, I see the following type of information:

AILLIO_VID = 0x0483
AILLIO_PID = 0x5741
AILLIO_PID_REV3 = 0xa27e
AILLIO_CMD_HEATER_INCR = [0x34, 0x01, 0xaa, 0xaa]
AILLIO_CMD_HEATER_DECR = [0x34, 0x02, 0xaa, 0xaa]
AILLIO_CMD_FAN_INCR = [0x31, 0x01, 0xaa, 0xaa]
AILLIO_CMD_FAN_DECR = [0x31, 0x02, 0xaa, 0xaa]

However, I don’t see settings for AILLIO_CMD_DRUM_INCR and AILLIO_CMD_DRUM_DECR.

Does anyone know why those settings are not included and where one might be able to get them from?


You can contact Marko. He’s the main contact for Artisan.


Rui Paulo appears to be the author of the Aillio Bullet R1 drivers for Artisan. But I haven’t come across a way to contact him directly. So, I was hoping someone here had some understanding of components that run the Bullet and thus could point to the relevant component manufacturer’s specs.


Correct that Marko did no work on the Bullet integration. I would open up an issue report on Github…


Never mind. I now see that there is a slider that controls the drum speed. So, I’ve been able to add buttons to raise and lower the drum rotation.