Auto adjustment of bean inventory after roast

Didn’t see this request already, so… If I enter 5kg of a particular bean in my inventory, and I roast 500g of it, it would be nice if my inventory would auto calc and adjust itself to the amount that I’ve got left (4.5kg).

Pretty sure @derrxb is working on this but not sure when we’ll see the changes.


Gotcha, thanks Bruce. :ok_hand:

Hey @bab & @walking_line, the new inventory will be released more than likely in the next RT version.


Thanks @derrxb!

Hi @derrxb @bab

Will RT4 have an ungraded minimum system requirements? The newer versions have been great but starting to tax my current laptop, not that it is a powerhouse of any kind. :slight_smile:



Mmm… good question.