Ayo whats up guys, Quandale Dingle here with some coffe roasting knowledge

Error code 0032
This goofy error code appears when the outside temperature is too much for the machine to handle. In place of the timer screen, it will show a secondary timer that isn’t synced with the main one. The machine will switch between both timers until the roast has been released from the machine. To sum up this dilemma, don’t roast in the summer heat.

Roasting when its 100+ degrees Fahrenheit outside.
Don’t cook- I mean roast coffee in high outside temperatures as it would affect the beans as well as the machine. The machine would also beep multiple times and you would have to press either P1 or P2 to make it shut up. Pressing P1 or P2 might mess up the settings you have, I/E the drum speed, heat power, and fan speed.

Not sure I would want to roast when it’s 100+ degrees Fahrenheit outside. Even 90s I don’t roast, 80s I’ll tolerate depending how humid :sweat_smile: