Back-to-Back max roasts?

Hi all - does anyone have any info on how many back-to-back roasts it’s ok to do with the R1 v2?

I did read in the manual that it has a max monthly capacity of 100kg, which you could interpret as 100kg / 30 days = 3.3 roasts per day.

But I wasn’t sure if anyone had actual hard & fast info about how many back-to-back roasts you could safely do.



Sweet Maria’s roasted 20 back to back batches. Here’s their description…

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Awesome! Thanks - this is super helpful & pretty much exactly what I was looking for. I really appreciate the pointer.

I did 25 back to back 1kg roasts yesterday. No issues except the erc 004 error from my 500f precharge temp. but that happened towards the end. I imagine it could be minimized with a better fan underneath. I do have an external fan blowing on the underside where the board is located. Roasting in my house at 68 degrees f.

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I’ve maxed out at 4 back to backs. 1/2 the time I’ve done over 3 roasts, the bullet spits out some kind of error the next time I roast. If coffee didn’t go bad, I’d roast everything I have at once to not have to deal with the bugs so often