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Hi everyone :smiling_face:
My question is, is it possible to make an recipe back to back?

Yes but it takes a setup step. In RT4 go to Edit Settings/Roast Config and disable the button which says Single-use recipes. By ‘disable’ I mean set it to Off as in this screen shot…

After you drop the beans at the end of the first roast using your Recipe, tap the F1 button on the control panel. Now you can modify the PH setting if you need to using the +/- buttons above F1 (probably won’t need to since PH is set in the Recipe). When you’re happy with the Preheat temperature setting, tap the PRS button. That will launch Preheat.

Setting “Single-use…” to OFF is a sticky setting- it’ll stay there till you intentionally change it. I see no reason to as you can always cancel a Recipe. Just remember that you can’t start a different Recipe in any mode but OFF ( :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: ) To do that just cycle thru the PRS selections to OFF, choose & start the new Recipe, then cycle PRS back to Preheat.

RT3 doesn’t have this initial OFF mode restriction for Recipe-start so you only need to select the Recipe and Start it. For the next roast just drop the beans, tap F1 (then set PH if needed), then tap PRS. IIRC, there’s no need to go to OFF mode to change Recipes in RT3 and definitely no Single-use recipes button to disable.



Thank you Bruce! I’m a RT3 user.
It is really helpful and i appreciate it very much.

greeting Dario

With RT3 how do you go from one recipe to a second different recipe with a different preheat temp? And why would RT4 force you to cycle to off when that stops the cooling tray fan? Or does it leave the cooling tray fan running in RT4?

That’s a good point about stopping the COOL cycle to launch a different Recipe in RT4. I linked the comment to someone who can hopefully resolve it. IIRC, currently the only way to launch a Recipe in RT4 is in the OFF mode.

I generally do 3-5 roasts all with the same Recipe then hang it up for the day. So I haven’t had to deal with killing COOL mode. My first guess would be to try cycling PRS to get what I want: if I stop COOL mode by going to OFF & launched a new Recipe I’d try using PRS to pass thru Roast then COOL. That ought to get COOL mode going again. But that’s clumsy and we need another way. Thanks for posting this.

I’ve done multiple Recipes b-2-b (and it wasn’t that long ago!) and I think I recall OFF mode persisting but I need to try it to be sure as I could be thinking about starting the next Preheat.


I typically do around 9+ roasts back to back when I am prepping for a market. Tomorrow I need to do over 12 roasts. But I also need to do different recipes even when dialing in profiles. So I might do a 500 g roast, copy and tweak the recipe and start again. If there is any delay in going back to preheating between roasts, it really slows the bullet down. Some of this will be moot once I get my 3kg machine up and running, but I’ll still be using the Bullet for sample roasts, profile development, and smaller orders.