Bad Power Supply?!

Sorry if this has been covered, but I searched on the subject to no avail. I’ve had my bullet for 4-5 years, and its been working like a champ. I clean it regularly, and it doesn’t go idle for more than 2 weeks normally. A few days ago I got set up for a roast, and when prompted it was ready I pressed Preheat button. The bullet immediately shut off, and then there would be incremental bursts where the USB LED would flash on and the drum would move about a half inch, but the display is still totally blank. I tried several outlets, I connected the laptop and updated the firmware, cleaned it again, all not helping.

Has anyone experienced this, and/or can offer some guidance? I’ve not updated anything like the IBTS either, and this occurred out of nowhere (roasted 3 2lb batches like normal 2 weeks ago, same outlet outside, same ambient temp).

Appreciate any help!

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