Bean Inventory fails to archive when in-stock weight is 0

Hey guys, just curious if anyone ran into the issue of archiving beans. I have a bunch of zero’d inventory that I can’t archive. The box is gray and says your inventory needs to be 0 or less. When I force it to 0 it doesn’t do anything. It’s more a nuisance than anything but it would be nice if it was working.

Derrick is away but I left this for him so he’ll be aware of the issue.


Should I bump this, I find it annoying to have a bunch of stuff i’ll never use but don’t want to delete.

Hey @duckduckco,

I’ll take a look into this and get it fixed. I just got back from vacation so that’s why replies have been limited on this thread.


Hey @everyone,

This has been fixed. You can try this out by refreshing your window.


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Thanks Derrick, works for me!

Yup works again. Thanks!