'Bean Name' menu under 'Edit Roast' in roast.world

In RoastTime, the beans that pre-populate as potential selections in the ‘Bean Name’ menu (under ‘Edit’) are alphabetically listed. On roast.world, there doesn’t appear to be any rhyme, reason or sorting applied to that list. Beans are not listed alphabetically, and neither are they recently-roasted beans. Would it be possible to apply some logic?

While I’m on a roll :slight_smile: , it makes sense to me that any logic applied should cause that menu to display (in RT or roast.world) recently-roasted beans, since the point of populating a menu with potential selections is user convenience (click to select, instead of typing a bean name). Listing beans alphabetically doesn’t add value to user convenience. It’s more likely, at least in my case, that I’m looking for a recently-roasted bean name as opposed to a bean name that starts with a early letter of the alphabet.

I’m just suggesting a tweak, not ranting. You guys do good work, and it is much appreciated.

Just to be contrary (I’m that kinda guy!), I have maybe 15 varieties of coffee on hand most times, and am always switching around, so alphabetical works nicely for me.

One hack I use is that my varietal names alway include a brief reference to the supplier, first - SM for Sweet Mariaa; CBC for Coffee Bean Corral, etc That at least pre-culls the list for me.


Contrary is okay by me! I’ve used that trick, too, but struggle to be consistent with it. I have self-discipline issues. :slight_smile:

To thine own self be contrary!