Bean Temp Difference RoasTime vs Display


I’m on my ninth roast and definitely getting the hang of it. I noticed that on my third roast (without unplugging the Bullet), I will get a much higher bean temp on the display as opposed to the RoasTime software. The software appears to be correct and I tend to do things based on sight, smell, sound, and time. So, not a huge deal.

First two roast always go fine. I also allow the box to enter the shutdown cycle and cool a bit prior to taking care of the chaff, etc. From there, I fire up Preheat. I use a combination of the manual controls and the application controls.

Thanks for any pointers!



Hi Douglas-

I see no difference between RT data display and what is displayed on the Control Panel other than having no fractional display on the Control Panel.

That said, there are times that IBTS and Bean Temp are swapped on the Control Panel:

  • IBTS data being displayed as Bean Temp and
  • Bean Temp displayed as Drum Temp (IBTS).

Like you I pay attention to RT so I haven’t bothered to work out what causes the values to be swapped (it’s probably in the manual, but I haven’t been bothered enough to pursue it).