Bean Temp Jump during Roast

Any idea what happened in the below image? For some reason my bean temp was ready a little low, and then it jumped up and made my ROR graph very hard to read.

Similar thing when I preheated my next roast too

Nothing wrong with the image. Others have seen the same thing. One was told to clean the t/c probe and it seemed to correct it. Others have had to replace the probe. Best contact Aillio and start a trouble ticket.


Will do, thanks. Probably needs a nice clean.

This issue went away for a little bit but now it is back in full force. I’m thinking I need a new probe, it looked very clean when I checked it.

Does anyone know which wire is the bean probe? Would like to try a simple unplug and plug back in.

The 2 lt-blue wires coming out of the front plate. You’ll have to remove the cover & circuit boards of the Control Panel. Look for a pin pushed back or a connector not seated completely.

As a wild guess I’d say that whatever it is inside the thermocouple probe that keeps the junction in contact with the outer sheath of the probe is allowing the t/c to break contact with the sheath. The resulting air-gap makes a terrible thermal path to the t/c junction compared to direct contact. If I’m right, replacing the probe is the only solution… can’t be repaired by the user.

Whatever the solution, you should start the dialog with Aillio help desk so they can get the preliminaries out of the way. They’ve been very helpful & prompt on the 2 hardware problems I’ve had.