Bean Temp

Hi Bullet Community,

Noting that I have not installed the latest Bean Temp sensor, can any of you look at the roast curve belonging to Bean Temp at Roast World - Cup, grade, and analyze your coffee roasts in depth and offer your inputs on whether it is typical in the Bullet?

This curve is similar in shape to the earliest bean temp curves, indicating that it has little to do with sensor degradation/maintenance over time or type of coffee roasted.

The Drum Temp curve, on the other hand, follows the classic dip-and-rise pattern (which my Bean Temp curve is not).

Ashish at Nuance Coffee

It’s almost as though you’re roasting in low ambient temperatures or didn’t wait long enough on pre-heat. Was this your first roast of the day? If you did another roast, did it look the same, more or less? Also, how many roasts have you done in this Bullet? Just wondering if sensor might need a bit of cleaning. Others more experienced than me will likely have better feedback, but this is the best I can do with the info I have.

Hi Ashish-

I don’t see anything unusual about the recorded Bean Temp. Looks like a light roast of a 1kg batch using a relatively low pre-heat temp. With power set to P6, the duration doesn’t seem unusual for this batch size. Looks ‘normal’ and similar to other roasts you have. Am I missing what you were after?

I’ve only roasted using the newer IR sensor (IBTS), so I can’t comment on that except to say the Drum Temp curve doesn’t look much different than other V1 Bullet roasters.


Thank you Bruce for your feedback! As per your understanding, the curve should be alright; however, in any case I’ll keep my antennae up for other feedback that may say otherwise and post it on this bulletin. Thanks!

Hi Jerry, I do roast inside an air-conditioned room set at 23C (which itself is located within a hot Indian city: 38C). This particular roast was the first of the day. However I’ve done multiple roasts at other times as well as looked at much earlier roasts (up to when the Bullet was nearly brand new) and this particular roast curve in question (of the BEAN TEMP) displays a similar SHAPE (i.e. NOT dip-and-curve like the drum curve IS) throughout. In any case much appreciation for the inputs and will update this thread if when any findings develop. Thanks!

Just to be clear, I was commenting on the shape of the curve, not specific temperature values.