Beans database suggestions - Rate - Filter - Sort

Hello peeps.
I’m guessing one of the difficulties with the bean database is that part of it is public, and part is private… if you create a new bean for a certain distributor, it is available to all users, but the stock quantity you have is private… so perhaps this makes some of these requests more challenging, but:

1/ I would like to be able to rate my beans so I remember what I thought of them without having to go find roasts using that bean. Also if one was able to sort the database with any column, one could quickly find your favourite beans.

2/ as above, proper database columns which you can click on to sort by that column

3/ Customisable visible columns - user chooses which to have visible

4/ New data field for DECAF

5/ New data field for BLEND (country) and ability to add multiple countries to the country field

6/ Ability to Delete beans from your personal inventory - not just stock amount, but to remove altogether… (I know this has been requested 100x already)

7/ giving some users superuser ability to do minor tasks like consolidate repeated vendors, for example, “Small Batch Roasting” AND “Small Batch Roasting Supplies”

8 Ability for user to consolidate beans which are in the inventory but which are not regarded as the same bean, for example I have Costa Rica Tarrazu (correct) and Costa Rica Terrazu (incorrect) but if I edit the Terrazu bean to Tarrazu, it does not “join” data with the original correct named bean… so there are now two Costa Rica Tarrazu beans in my inventory, each roasted once!

That’s it for now… tx