Beans falling out

I have had my roaster about 6 months, so we’ll seasoned… I had to replace the pulley and also took the drum out to clean behind it. To do this I basically had to take the whole roaster apart.
I was able to put back together and everything seems to work well, except now beans are falling out of the from the bottom chaff tench.
I’m guessing it’s something simple that I’m overlooking. PLEASE HELP!!

The spacing between the front of the drum and the face plate is not set properly. Likely you need to remove one or more spacer shims from the front of the shaft. A tiny adjustment makes a significant difference.

I believe there was info available in the Support section of the Aillio site at one time so that’s a place to start.



Someone posted about a similar problem on the Aillio Facebook page - There should only be a 1mm gap between the drum and faceplate.

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Check that the door closes completely too. If you took off the hinges you might need to adjust them with the door closed.


I tried all of these suggestions and nothing seemed to work until I took the from shim off (near the bearing) it worked like a dream, did not drop even one bean!! But then after serval roasts I noticed a grinding noise near the back and realized the pulley was out of alignment, the last roast the drum got stuck.
After spending an hour+ trying to get it back to working properly, I put the shim back on and now the pulley works but the beans are falling out again!! :cry::cry::cry:

If you remove a shim in the front you have to loosen the pulley in the back. There is a set screw in that pulley you need to un-tighten, then move the pulley back. Please see the manual page 27.

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I am feeling very frustrated… I will catch you up.

  1. I took your advice and disassembled the drum, gave everything a really good cleaning
    and put it back together and it seemed to work much better, still a bit of a squeak but
    much better.

  2. The beans were leaking out during the roast coming from the chaff shoot. After much
    tinkering I took off the front shim behind the bearing and the beans stopped falling out.

  3. then after several roasts I heard sorta grinding sound in the rear pulley and in the
    middle of a roast the drum stopped spinning but the motor kept going. The smaller pulley
    and larger one were misaligned.

  4. after much tinkering I put the shim back in and the roaster worked but now the beans
    began to fall out again.

  5. today (from advice from the allio forum) I took the front shim off but this time moved
    the pulley forward so that it wasn’t out of alignment. At this point I thought finally
    it was fixed, the beans didn’t fall out, the pulley was aligned and there seemed to be
    no squeaking.

  6. as I did a test roast, once the roaster heated up I put beans in and within moments
    the roaster died. No power, the beans sitting in the roaster. I tried checking the
    outlet, had power, I tried plugging in and unplugging the cord, I tried looking in the
    manual and it said it may be a rear fuse ? Other forums say the bottom fuse on the
    circuit board underneath??

PLEASE HELP!! I feel like I should not have these many problems with this roaster I
bought 6 months ago

What should I do??

Thank you for your time

If you power it on do you hear any fans spinning?
Do you see and LED light on the bottom (under the bullet) on the power PCB?

No there is no lights no power or fans …. Nothing!!

I believe you are talking to Matt, so I will let him handle it from here.