Beans hanging out under the drum?

Hi all,

First time poster, loving the Bullet so far! I just finished my 3rd “real” roast, post-seasoning, and I noticed a few beans are hanging out just under the drum, right at the door. I assume I should, and will, remove them?

I haven’t had this happen before, is this a regular occurrence? Any way to prevent this?


I’ve had an issue with this when roasting small beans. I believe it’s an issue with the spacers that are on the end of the drum shaft where the shaft fits into the front bearing. The spacing between the front of the drum and the face plate is difficult to measure and critical to avoid the drum scraping or in your case to keep small beans from dropping thru. I experimented by removing the thinnest spacer (I believe they use 3 thicknesses in making the adjustment at the factory) and running a fake roast (P=0) to make sure the drum cleared. It did and I went on to a roast and found the adjustment had fixed my problem.

The odd part is I had roasted those beans before without issue. So I solved a problem that hadn’t been a problem before.

You may want to contact Support to confirm this is the right way to tackle the adjustment. There was a thread here about a user that had to remove the drum and reinstall it (not the same issue). He had info about how the adjustment should be done but I failed to find the thread when I searched.


Thanks Bruce. I just tried to pull them out with a tweezer, but they ended up falling through the bottom slot out into the bowl anyway. Seems like it must be pretty harmless so long as they don’t get pushed back under the drum?

I’ll keep an eye on it. Now onto figuring out the other noises and such that I heard during my first few roasts!

I have that happen regularly when I drop the beans at the end of a roast. As far as I know, it has not happened DURING a roast.

I just poke them with a cleaning brush, or lightly tap the face of the roaster right underneath them with a wooden spoon. I haven’t had any get stuck or slide under the drum yet.

I find that this mostly happens to me if I am a little too slow at opening the door.
Try to be faster and see if it makes any different.