Beans stuck between front door and drum

After dropping my beans today, a couple of them sat between the door and the still rotating drum (red marked spot). Closing the door pushed them in between the drum and the front plate and the rotating drum moved them alongside the isolation, which partially got damaged. Eventually the drum got stuck and I had to cut the power. After a couple of hours, I was able to shake out the beans. The drum moves normally and I hope the minor damage to the isolation is not a problem.

How can I avoid the beans not dropping into the tray, but sitting there? Any ideas welcome.

That can happen roasting greens that are a bit smaller than usual. The spacing between the drum and the face plate is adjustable by adding or removing spacers from the front of the drum shaft. You should have spares in a small plastic bag in the tool kit. The spacers are of (at least) 2 different thicknesses. Make very small changes with each trial… the spacing is really close. E.g. try removing a thicker spacer and installing a thin spacer in its place. If the spacing is insufficient the drum will rub the face plate so it’s a trial & error process.

You can also get a tiny bit of adjustment by pushing the face plate toward the contact point with the face plate screws loosened a little… that’s more ‘finesse’ than adjustment but it helped me once.


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I’ve been keeping the tools handy during the roast and clear them with the thin allen wrench when I am dumping to cool the beans, that’s when they find the notch on my roasts