Beans Temp at starting roast

I am a beginner.

I have one question.
It is the temperature at which the beans are put in.

I have the PH mode set to 240°C to warm up the drum before putting in the beans,
How can I start roasting from the bean temperature like the recipe attached to this fig
(downloaded from RoastWould)?

To be able to reproduce the red circle on the left side (i.e., to be able to start with a bean input temperature of about 155°C),
In PH mode, with the IBTS temperature at 240°C, I preheat the beans enough to start roasting, but the bean temperature starts at around 100°C. 。。。。
(I set the preheat temperature to 260°C in OFF mode, and in PH mode, after the IBTS temperature was heated to 260°C, I put the beans in, but the beans temperature was at most 125°C.)

I am very sorry, but if you could help me with a technical problem, I would be grateful for your wisdom.

Lots of great info in this video about what to expect from the IBTS and the BT temperature.

Short version:

  • you are looking at the BT probe temp

  • the BT probe is measuring the air temperature in the drum

  • the IBTS is measuring the drum temperature

  • the air in an empty drum will not be as hot as the drum itself (drum air is being replaced by cool room air)

  • the BT probe starts to track bean temperature around 1:00, the “turning point”

  • BT on the Bullet is useful as a confirmation that the IBTS is working/clean. It’s not very helpful for preheating.

It’s probably because you charge the roaster too soon. How long does it take for you to preheat the drum? Does the nice lady say “charge”? If she does, which I doubt, then it could be other problems. But the thing that tips me off is that you say:

So, my advice for now is to wait until the bullet says charge, and maybe add another 5 minutes after that.

For the first roast of the day I (and many of us) preheat the roaster for anywhere between 20 to 45 mins to get the drum itself nice and hot. If you’re doing back to back roasts you would not need to preheat for the next batch nearly as long - I just wait until the nice lady says “charge” in that case.

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Dear everyone,

Thank you very much.
I’m going to check a your recommended movie.
And after the voice of charge, wait another 5 minutes and then throw in the beans.

If you don’t wait more than five minutes your first roast will be inconsistant with following roasts