Beep and preheating stopped

For the past two months or so, my Bullet has been very stable on the latest beta firmware. Doing multiple 1KG back to back roasts has also not been any issues at all. Yesterday, after doing a 1KG roast, during my second preheat, there was a beep (no errors displayed), P dropped to 0 and preheating stopped. I had to press the PRS button to cycle to roasting, cooling, shutdown and back to preheat to get going again. The ambient temperature was about 15C when I was roasting and the PCB and IR ambient was about 50-55C.

I have had the beeps occasionally without the preheat actually stopping. There were no errors, no logs, so, couldn’t figure out what was up. It was like the roaster just gave up and decided to take a break.

Hi Vikash-

I’ve had something similar for nearly a year (audible alarm, sometimes accompanied by power going to 0). After replacing power board and control board it occurred less frequently but it still happens. With cooler weather here in Arizona I think it happens even less frequently.

According to Aillio support, my error (yours could well be different!) is a comm issue. If Power goes to 0 I have to be quick to save the roast, but fortunately I most often see my error during Preheat.

Long winded intro (my apologies!) to suggest you contact Aillio Support to open a trouble ticket. It may take awhile to get the issue you are having identified.


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Thank you Bruce. As long as it happens on and off and is not a critical error, it looks like something we can live with. :slight_smile:

I’m getting it more often. It’s mostly an annoyance during preheat; I need to cycle back to preheat and no problem after that.

Last roast I had the beep happen when it was just sitting still which was weird.

I haven’t watched your roaster as it happens, of course, but what you describe sounds very familiar. In preheat the power cycles cuz f/w is controling Drum Temp. That fequently adjusts power, so the roaster takes care of resetting itself. During a roast, however, you need to reset power (power control button… press “+” enough times to get to where it was) or you’ll lose the roast (it’ll stall).

It really would be best to start a trouble ticket and get it confirmed. I’ve never seen an ErC error (I don’t know if it gets cleared before I see it or if there is no code), but the roaster does log a code that gets saved on the Aillio server. Tech support can confirm the issue. You’ll need to tell them the roast name/date.