Beeping during 1st crack

Hi, just completed my first roasts with R1 V2 running the latest firmware v3.4.1 on a 2021 mac book air. Is it normal for the roaster to beep during 1st crack?


Are you seeing an A-02 code on the panel with the beep? The roaster will warn after 2 minutes of user inactivity past a certain temperature, to make sure you haven’t walked away.

Clicking the A button will stop the beeping; clicking the A button also counts as user activity for preventing the timer from expiring in the first place


That makes sense… I don’t recall seeing any code as I panic and ended the roast immediately.

Thanks for sharing this.

You can press any button actually, does not have to be A

Don’t push PRS though. It’ll end the roast.


Nope, not when it’s beeping - as I said, you can press any button.