Beginner's Roast Recipe?

Dear Aillio,

Has anyone tested the recipe in the “How to begin roasting great coffee…” on the newer R1 with IBTS?

After the link was posted recently I got curious about the fan/power steps in the “Beginner’s Roast Recipe” and decided to give it a try. It looks to me like the result was a stalled roast. Never got to FC; IR Bean temp got to around 205 and hung there for over 10 minutes, with very little rise. After 21 minutes I gave up and dumped it.

Papas, good point. I record those variables (temp and humidity) in my roast log book, but will start adding them into the Notes section of the profile as I finish the roast. Most of my roasts have been inside the kitchen, vented through the range hood, so temp and humidity don’t vary too much.

I definitely pulled the indoors roast smoke and odor problem you mentioned when doing the seasoning roasts past 2nd crack. But otherwise I never roast into 2C, so the lighter smoke amount vents outside just fine with the range hood fan running on low, and the flexible pipe from the roaster ending about 6 or 8 inches below the fan housing. I rigged a coat hanger on the pipe that is easy to attach to the inside of the hood to suspend it there.

My point in posting this was to point out that the “recipe” in the documentation might need serious revision. As it is if my experience is typical all it will do is frustrate people, and I am sure that was not the intention…


Hi Wm1, are you roasting on V2 or 1.5?

“Also note that the recommended settings given in this article are only for V2 Bullets. V1 and V1.5 Bullet employ different parts and so behave differently. Contact Aillio for more information.” ← The note at the beginning of the article.

Perhaps that point can be made again in the text before the recipe is given?

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I just got a V2 and used that recipe for my first roast of some Sweet Marias Expresso Monkey blend. I was very happy with the way it turned out.

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