Best settings to print roasts when viewing the roast analyzer

I’ve been using the Analyzer and would like to be able to print a profile to a hard copy printer, or to an image file to enable me to review more closely and markup the print with notes. I tried to paste the embedded code into a PowerPoint, as you would an iFrame video snippet, and that didn’t work. I also tried to print screen and that didn’t work either. Has anyone figured this out?

I’m on Win10 and use the snipping tool (the “window” key + shift + S) to do what you’re trying to do, then just paste the image into a Word doc to print. I do this all the time :slight_smile:


Thanks for that! Another copy tool.

You can also do a Screenshot with “window” + Fn + Prt Scr. That saves a sequentially numbered .png file in the Pictures\Screenshots folder in Windows Explorer (I’m on Win11; Win10 worked the same). Like the snipping tool, a screenshot excludes the mouse cursor.


Edit- I experimented with the Windows snipping tool vs. Screenshots. The snipping tool beats having to go to Paint to edit to a useable image. I think screenshots are going to go away for me. Thanks Lisa!

You’re welcome Bruce :wink:

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Thanks @blacklabs and @bab really appreciate both of your replies!!

Hey @ray_trayno,

Would you want to include both the graph and table or just the table? I can probably work on making this easier for all with the ctrl/cmd + p command.

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I went ahead and played around with this for a bit. The options are limited but if you use these settings when viewing the roast analyzer, you should be able to get a workable printout of the analyzer:



Let me know if there’s anything in particular I can work on here to make this more useful. Happy to extend the analyzer more if you all have some suggestions.

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@derrxb thank you for so quickly jumping in on this; I followed your guidance and was successful at saving a PDF; this should suffice for my needs. I don’t have any suggestions for making any feature changes to the Analyzer at this time.

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