Beta Firmware 508

Hey guys , I just did an update to Beta Firmware 508. Unplugged USB cable from my Mac also unplugged power cord , upon restarting … the screen is black , not showing anything , no communication with my computer , bullet is offline even though my USB is plugged back in… I do hear the fan running but nothing else is showing. Please assist, thank you.

Are all fans running at full speed?

Yes , Im hearing them at full speed.

Also its not showing me the current firmware

Please follow this guide of how to get it in bootloader mode, so you can try to update it again.

Jacob, some of us are having an open conversation over in another thread about User actions that could void warranty according to statements on Page 4 in the R1 manual. Wouldn’t following the “Bootloader” process technically be “disassembling” the product?
RoasTime Instructions

Thank you Jacob , I will try that today. I hope everything works.

Jacob thank you for the information. Everything went smooth with no issues. Seems to be up and running. Once again thanks

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what is / can be set last in menu settings — bL 6?