Bike spoke sound from Machine... fixed? Maybe?

Small batch roaster here.
I recently unscrewed the impeller fan to soak it because it was caked (I mean CAKED) in buildup. I put it back in just fine, but when I went to turn on the roaster it started making this awful bike spoke sound and the RORs were all over the place. After a bit of trouble shooting it turns out I didn’t push the Impeller fan all the way in to its little socket, it was only half of the way in. I turned on the roaster and it seems to have fixed the noise and the ROR issue (right?). Can someone let me know if I fixed it correctly? Or if anyone else have ever had this problem? Just want to be sure I did the right thing.


I don’t suggest pushing it all the way in either. Use a bamboo skewer as your spacer and push the impeller fan until it hits the skewer and tighten it. You want to make sure it spins freely and also that it doesn’t scrape against the chaff collector’s rubber gasket where the chaff filter basket sits. Make sure the chaff filter basket is seated properly in the gasket as well (there is a small lip that you should push it into so it stays in place).


That’s a great tip, Thank you