Blends as bean type in RoasTime

Just added my beans to Roast.World but was surprised that there is no support for blends of different bean types.

As a workaround I thought I could just add the blend as a normal bean type, but when adding this you need to specify country of origin as a mandatory field. This might be unknown for many blends since they can contain a mix of beans from different countrys.

Pleas add support for custom bean blends.


Yeah… a weakness in bean inventory. I have been using USA as the country of origin and include whatever I might have for the component origins in the Description. Actually I have to use “United States of America” (only!) instead of USA, but it pops up in the drop-down list.

I don’t create blends- just occasionally buy a pre-blend and in most cases I don’t know the ingredients. So I haven’t pursued asking for inventory management changes. It was inevitable it would come up.


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It would be nice to be able create a been without the the mandatory vendor or origin tag. :+1:

Not related to blending but I have several small portions of beans that I am just trying out which I don’t feel like saving. I would still like to know total amount of beans roasted though so I did like @bab and created a bean simply called other and tagged it as Zimbabwe since I don’t know if I will ever roast anything from there… :coffee: