Blocky profile lines

After updating to the newest version of RT all of my profile lines are blocky. This also is happening while actively roasting. It makes it difficult to create and even ROR. Are there any suggestions on how to correct this? (I’ve restarted both the laptop and the roaster. Force updated the drivers)

Same issue here

I will see if I can smooth these out for you.

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Can I ask what firmware you guys are using? I believe 397 produced more blocky RoR calculations. There are firmware updates available now that fix that issue.

That is true @kafei, however those coarse ROR’s has already been recorded like that and will then also get converted like that in v.2.x i guess


Same issue here. It will have to be fixed in the next firmware release I imagine. I’m on v448.

Same issue after last update Firmware 448 and RT 2.0.5 Mac

Thank you!