Blowing through beans with failed roasts😐

After filling out a ticket thanks to some failed roasts, it was recommended that I get the firmware 595. I was hopeful but it didn’t take long to have problems. These are also the first roasts after a full cleaning of everything but the exhaust fan which is still quite clean. I also turned the cooling fan out to the side to remove the heat from under the roaster as another member recommended to try.

Roasted a 400g batch of Sumatran to the start of second crack without issue at a 220 charge temp. Roast profile is for the successful roast(funny file name is for a local business owned by a friend that likes coffee I’d never drink). After that, I was pretty confident that my roaster was good to go. Then I ramped it up to 235C for a 800g gram batch of the same beans to the end of first crack. I made it to yellowing and the roaster shot an error code(can’t even remember which one because I was so frustrated😂). This happened THREE TIMES between yellowing and first crack. I really don’t know what to do at this point. I’ve only done 7 roasts(+3 seasoning roasts) and this has happened for 4 of the 6 at 800g. 2 of them have resulted in beans I wound up having to throw away and I’m just crossing my fingers that this batch won’t be terrible. I don’t have a graph for this because it never ran long enough to save since it shut down three times😑 I actually had a cropped graph(to just before yellowing) the last time it failed. Am I going to have to stick with 400g batches? Or just run the roast ultra slow and not go to P9 at all to not have to toss my beans? Its weird because I did my 3 seasoning roasts without issue

*I’m on a 15amp breaker and I have absolutely nothing but my laptop running off of the same breaker when I’m roasting

My place is kept around 78F or 25C in the summer months. It was pretty cool when I roasted and my AC had no reason to click on so it may have been cooler. Wondering if I should put a small fan under my roaster? Assuming its shutting off due to poor readings of ambient heat

Stupid question but was it an A-02 code ? That “error” is actually a “are you still there ?” alert. If you don’t press a button like F2 to acknowledge, the roaster goes into shutdown for safety….is that what is happening?

The alert is triggered at certain temperatures after yellow so maybe that’s your issue. Or as I said in another update, when it happens again, pull up the INFO panel in the roast window and screen shot it so we can see what some of the sensors are reading…

I definitely didn’t see the A-02 code. I try to press a button every 60 seconds or less. I’d pull up the roast and look for data but the roast didn’t save since it shut down so much.

If the roaster is shutting down then either the Bullet has some issues or your power socket is somehow shutting off. You could add a small lamp / phone charger to the same outlet and see if this turns off too. You could also try another outlet all together.

I cannot see any log files on our end, next time please open up the info panel and copy the log information and take a screen shot of the data displayed and send it. Click the ‘i’ button on the top right.

235C is too low for an 800g batch. Preheat higher and try to stick to P8 for the time being, this will lower the power use and should help - until we can see your log files.

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Thanks, I’ll give the higher charge a shot. Think 250C is a good start? I’ve been happy with the roast progression starting there though but I’ll give this a go. I’ll do the lamp thing too.

How can I get the log from the roast if it doesn’t save?

Its really the only outlet I can use and still vent the roaster. Otherwise I’ll need an extension cord which I know isn’t ideal. I have a 20amp breaker for the kitchen. Not sure if running a big gauge extension cord from that(it’ll need to be about 8m long) will give me better power than a direct go into the 15amp next to the roaster. Of course, the kitchen is also closer to the breaker

Give it a shot at 250. I would say 260-280 depending on the beans.
While roasting you can press the ‘i’ button to see more information about temps etc. Opening this up will also show you the voltage and temperature on the IGBT which should not be higher than 98C.
There are 2 taps on the window, one for info and one for log. There is a button to copy the logs.

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Ok, thanks. Other than this Sumatran, all my beans are from +1750m. So maybe I’ll just go straight to 260. I was hoping to eventually roast 1000g batches once I figure this bug out. But maybe that’s not smart without 220/240

I tried to install f/w 595. Failed at every turn. 591 installed without issue once I had stumbled my way thru the driver installation a few times.


It went pretty well on my end. Better than firmware upgrade for my cameras. I just wish that update were the fix I needed