This may sound stupid. I know the Aillio uses a USB cable. Just for gee whiz, could you conceivably hook up a Bluetooth dongle to it using a Micro-USB - USB adapter and free yourself of having your computer close to the machine?


Did anyone try this with a bluetooth transmitter?Or does it not work anyway?

There is a bluetooth module in your Bullet already (it is just not active), so there really isn’t a need for a dongle. To answer your question specifically, no, you can’t just hook up any bluetooth adapter and have it work. There has to be logic written on how to communicate between the two.

great! i didn’t know that. If i may ask, what is the intention with the Bluetooth module?

Optionality in case we needed to connect over BT. Right now we are not focusing on developing this though.

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Thank you for the answer :blush:

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