Brand new Bullet, no display, fan is on full blast

Hi, I’ve been roasting on Behmors for 15+ years and finally upgraded to a Bullet. It was purchased from Sweet Maria’s and delivered today. I got it all setup and closely followed the instructions to successfully complete 3 roasts to season the drum. I was in preheat mode and weighing beans for roast #4 when it beeped once and the display went dead. I thought maybe it was in sleep mode but it appears to be more like “it’s dead, Jim”.
Contacted support and they emailed me back at 6AM this morning saying it sounds like it lost it’s firmware and they believe it is already in bootstrap mode so I don’t have to short the SDA pad on the control panel PCB. Unfortunately I have no way to update the firmware in RT as it shows 605 & 606 but no option to do anything with the files. All I can do is look at the list of features and select the CLOSE button at the bottom.
I emailed Sweet Maria support as well… 11AM and no reply from anyone since 6AM so I’m really starting to feel like this was a bad choice. I cleared my schedule so I could be roasting today and instead I have nothing to do but sit here and hit refresh over and over.
Thanks for reading my sad story,
Brian in NorCal

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I received a reply from Matt at Aillio and we just did a google meeting video chat. We ran through all of the tests and he thinks I have a bad control board. Unfortunately they can’t send one out from Taiwan until next week and then it will take 10 days to arrive so I will not even be able to see if that fixes it until another 2.5 weeks. Still have not heard anything from SM which is kind of a surprise… I have been buying from them for 15 years and have always had a quick response. That’s the current status :confused:

Sorry to hear about the lemon but it happens. I would say your patience will be rewarded once you get thru this hump.

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I would consider shipping your barely used roaster back to Sweet Maria’s and have them send you a new one.

You should not be required to do a major repair job when they don’t know that’s the problem and when you have not even finished seasoning to drum.


It took a little longer than I had hoped to get a reply from SM but they took good care of me. They sent me a return UPS label and had me ship the non-working unit back to them and then shipped me out a brand new Bullet. I received it yesterday and just did my second roast on it this morning. Everything is working great now.

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I’m glad that they too care of you, I was starting to feel bad about recommending the Bullet to you after experienced a failure.