Brand new Bullet V2 - Can't set preheat temp without making or using a recipe?

It seems that when I want to start preheat, that I can’t chose which power level I want. It appears static (if I recall @ P7). It won’t let me change anything till default preheat is finished? Do you have to create or use a Recipe in order to have control of that or am I missing something? I saw I can change the default preheat via F1 button in the OFF state, but I’m looking to change it per roast from the roaster. While it’s nice to create a recipe via triggers, I’d rather the software just save what I was adjusting through site and smell.

Thank you!

(Upgraded from a Behmor with 2+ years time on it)

If power was at P7 and you couldn’t change ithe P#, you were in Preheat and you can’t adjust the Preheat setting except 2 ways:

  • In the OFF mode where you use F1 to start adjusting f/w settings
  • in COOL mode (just after finishing a roast) where you touch F1 then use the +/- buttons to select the Preheat target before pressing PRS to start a BAC(k-to-back) roast.


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Ahh, so if you’re in OFF, you can set it. I was starting from RT, which now that I know this, is just using whatever the roaster default is set to. I was afraid that if I started from the roaster, that RT wouldn’t follow, and why I went about it that way. It’s a learning process very different from using Roastmaster app and a Behmor. The thinking in Roastmaster felt more logical, while RT and it’s back end web connection seems a bit convoluted. It’s fine though, I’ve already started adjusting to the new process and is part of the fun, but I still maintain it RT and web could be more cohesive. Thank you for the explanation Bruce!

re: RT3… There is one exception and that’s Recipes. I believe you have to start a Recipe before going to Preheat. I’ve tried to Cancel one Recipe during Preheat and start another and as I recall it didn’t pick up the different Preheat setting. Maybe @mcaillio can comment on that… ?? I dunno if it’s a bug or intentional or if I did something different than I thought I did.


That’s the same impression I got. Because the software allows you to set the pre-heat temp within a recipe.

I am a little unclear if the OP is asking to set the POWER level for pre-heat, or the TARGET TEMP for pre-heat.

I thought that the power level was always P7, but the target temp can be changed as Bruce explained above.

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You can adjust the preheat temp from the Bullet’s front panel

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@dpiette That’s my impression also after doing my two seasoning roasts yesterday. I couldn’t change the pre-heat P (power) setting as it appears to be fixed at P7. What I can change from the front panel is the P setting to start at once the bean is charged. You can set also the temp (deg C or F) to pre-heat the drum/chamber to before charging.

FWIW - during pre-heating it’s P7, F0 and D0 until the pre-heat temp is reached in which case it will drop to P1 and cycle between P1 and P3 - that’s my observation yesterday - to maintain at the set pre-heat temp (+/- 8 F).

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To be clear, I was asking about the temp originally, but then found later that you could only adjust the preheat temp from he Bullet’s front panel. However, you can change the initial preheat level (P level e.g. P6, P7, P8 etc) through building a Recipe.

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As others have said, this can be done via the front panel but not while preheat is active.

Simply tap PRS a few times until the displays shows OFF and then change the preheat temp using the buttons on the front before tapping PRS to cycle back to preheat.

Right. I actually stated that above from what I tested before I had an answer. I was merely coming back to clarify what was subsequently being asked of my original question :slight_smile:

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Hi blacklabs,

Two seasoning roasts? I thought the minimum was three. Were you happy with your first roast after the seasoning? I opted for five seasoning roasts, as I had plenty of robusta to ruin.

I’ve since roasted some Panama beans - can’t wait to try my first bullet roast after a couple of days rest!

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Hey @robert.holmes19pkoe My earlier comment was about an observation after two seasoning roasts about being able to change settings etc., as I used the seasoning roasts to also try to get familiar with the instrument panel and the RT software - so I was pressing a lot of buttons during the roasting. I did a total of 6 seasoning roasts because I had plenty of “dead” beans from 5+ yrs ago I found in a box in my basement :slight_smile:

Welcome to the journey! It’s been a learning experience for me but I haven’t been roasting on a weekly basis like others. There’s several threads here about people’s “first roast” (e.g. a recent one is this I think I need some help! Brand new! - #4 by snidely_whiplash) and several of us has shared ideas, comments and our roasts profiles. You’re welcome to take a look at mine but a caveat, I’m still “experimenting”.