Brazil Mantiquiera Mountains Yellow Bourbon Pulped Natural

Im having problems with this bean… I need a roast recipe that is not dark. What are your recommendations?

In order to further assist, it would be helpful if you could share what you’re trying to achieve along with a detailed description of the issue you’re experiencing.

If you’re just looking for recipes for that specific bean you can check in Roast.World under Recipes > Discover and put in the name of the bean. You can check the roasts section as well to find some lighter roasts.

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I dont want to raost cook it too dark. When I cook it less, there are color differences seen in the first photo. But I want to roast light

To roast less dark you simply need to end the roast earlier. Ending the roast at a lower end temperature will result in a lighter roast. Keep adjusting until you get what you’re looking for.