Broken bean in the inventory? [fixed]

Im trying to add Guatemala Bella Carmona Antigua bean from Coffee Bean Corral. No matter which selection I pick (there is about 10 or so), it just won’t add. I am using the 2.268 kg for the weight and 32.80 for the cost.

I have tried multiple browsers. When I press the Add To Inventory button, the entire screen grays out and freezes. This latest time I have waited for over 5 minutes. I can add other beans just fine.

Hey! It might mean that the bean is broken. I will double check this and write back here.

I managed to recreate your issue and got this fixed. It should be working on your end now. If it’s not, a full page reload should get it there.

Thanks for pointing this out!


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it works! thanks derrick!

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