Bug: Can't anything with My Beans (fixed)

I cant change the inventory quantity of beans, cant archive, cant delete. PLEASE ADVISE

On roast.world or in RoasTime?

Both actually. I tried to “quick Add” a bean in Roast time- wouldn’t save it. And I can’t change the inventory in roastworld so my inventory quanities are a mess. You should be able to update your inventory.

I am seeing the same issue. This feels like pretty basic functionality.

Hi @RWCoffee,

Is this functionality still broken on your end?

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Hi @seanrealds5,

I think your issue might be related to this issue here: Bug: bean quantity cannot be changed (fixed) - #2 by derrxb

I’ve fixed this bug and you should see the change by the time you read this response.

Let me know if it works on your end.

Best regards,

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