Bug in arrows when trying to look at the next curve in RoasTime

Hello everyone!!

In the last update of RoasTime there is a bug in the arrows that are in the upper right corner.

Until the last version, I could move correctly between the previous curves, but now when clicking on it, it throws me to a random curve, not necessarily the previous one, I realized because I chronologically number all my roasts, I attach a video recreating the problem, as you can see, the order of the roasts when trying to advance or go back is strange.

Are you on version 3.2.3? Did you enable any filters in your roast lists?
I will look into this.

Hi jacob, I didn’t apply any filter and I’m with 3.2.3

Hi @jacob, in general, the navigation in this latest version has several minor errors and isn’t as fluid as before, I use those arrows a lot, sometimes applying filters and sometimes not, they behave very differently than before.

I also usually put it to show 50 or 100 rows in RoasTime, when I open a profile and go back to the main screen it returns to 20, it is somewhat annoying.

Yeah we know what it is. Something got mixed up fixing the memory leak. Should be improved in the next version.