Bug: Not able to view roasts on Roast.World (solved)

I recently noticed that my roasts are not being completely sync’ed from RoasTime (V3.1.4) to RoastWorld. Under “My Roasts” on Roast.World, the roasts show up, but as “Untitled Roast” and I cannot view the roast curves. All of the roasts are showing up and it does report the roast statistics in the roast table (Beans, Weight, PH temp, FC time, Roast Time). The roasts do have names and I can see the full detail if I go to RoasTime. I have done the manual sync from RoasTime which did not help.

This just started in the last week or so, prior to that the roasts had the names and I could click on that to view the curves.

Any ideas why I cannot view my roasts on Roast.World?

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I’m having the same issue, tried to manually sync like you did but to no avail.
Hope this gets resolved.

What is your user name?
You are also welcome to send a ticket to [email protected]

Hey @russelldnraq7,

Is there any specific error message that you get while trying to view roast curves? Would it be possible to share a screenshot of the issue you’re experiencing?

I managed to fix the issue.
I was seeing the roast names and was able to view the roast data on my iPad but not on my iMac running Firefox. I cleared cache and everything is now showing up properly.

Thanks for the tip!! Clearing the cookies from my browser did the trick also.

Thanks, Dale

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