Bug: Recipes missing from RT3 (Fixed)


After the last RT3 update, I can no longer see my recipes in the application, but I can see them online at roast.world

Is there an issue with the software?

Apparently there are others complaining on Bullet FB group about the same issue. Definitely a BUG in the software.

Me too. Not happy. I don’t do FB, so hopefully the solution will be posted here too!

I also cannot create any new recipes: they show up in roast world, but not in Roast Time. Further, Roast Time gives me errors when trying to edit triggers: doesn’t seem to be able to save them. Permissions problem? I’m on MacOS if it matters.

I may see the problem. The roasts used to live under
~/Library/Application Support/roast-time in the roasts directory.

However, the application support resources in the new release are under
~/Library/Application Support/RoastTime

I’m not sure whether this is a change from the structure of previous releases, but it seems like perhaps a major change was made without careful testing.

Must be platform-specific. My Win10 system still has them in …roast-time/roasts.

Nothing was changed as far as directory/structure. What shows on the page when you got to recipes?

I just looked into your account - it looks like all your recipes have been deleted except for 1. Do you only have 1 recipe? I did find a bug. It looks like if you only have 1 recipe, the height calculation on the table is wrong. I will get a fix in ASAP. CC @laddu

Looks like the reference roast ids are causing an issue for you - fix incoming. @DrPhyzx

@DrPhyzx @laddu Also worth nothing that we have a group of early testers on the RT slack - if you want to be part of that, join up and send me a message: Slack

This should be fixed in v3.1.4

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Thanks. My supposition about changes to the Application Support directories was simply because one of them was updated Mar. 28 and the dates on the other were much older. However, there wasn’t any overlap between what they contained, so I realized after posting that might be a red herring.

My Roast World account shows a long list of backed up recipes, including many deleted ones and some that I tried to create today, but had trouble editing as mentioned above. I do believe I only had one showing in the app before this: I’m pretty new to the Bullet!

Thanks for the speedy reply. I’ll look for the fix and post back if there are problems.

Thank you, it is fixed now…