Bug: Roast Time 3: Certain Roast Profile information are shown on a white background

On my asus vivobook the bottom portion of the screen is white when looking at a previous profile. On the right where room humidity is displayed, the top half of those words is backed with purple and the bottom half are backed with white. I can see the entire grey wording, and I can also see the words ambient temp floating in the white below. When the program is not maximized, the amount of screen that is white becomes less. In that case, all of room humidity is displayed with purple background and the white background starts where the % humidity would be displayed. This happened before I upgraded to RT3 as well as in the new program.

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What happens if you go to full screen?

Full screen it has the same issue, but it changes where the white starts. It seems like the white begins at the portion of the screen that is hidden until I scroll down. So if I don’t scroll to see the bottom it appears that everything is normal.

Thank you!! I love my Bullet! :slight_smile: