Bug: Roast.World crashes related to `PrimaryTempLine` (fixed)

Feel back 1st log in roast world year 2021.
I could not view my roast profile.
Got the message
" Uh oh… There’s a problem. Try refreshing the app.

undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘E.config.primaryTempLine’)"


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From what I think I understand, this may be an issue with the server being temporarily unavailable. Hence the “…refreshing your app” suggestion. For your browser, that means just reloading the page or re-selecting your Dashboard. But when that doesn’t correct anything it may point at the server. Your roast profile is saved locally so it should (!) still be there once things are back to normal. Also, keep in mind Aillio developers are back to work and possibly making changes.


I think I should be able to recreate this and get it fixed for you. primaryTempLine is a config that is used to determine whether IBTS or Drum Temperature should be used in the roast profile graphs.

On question though @kitty264 , does this happen when you click the view a profile or the second you log into the web app?

I’ve fixed this in development and will publish to production as soon as I finish a few more tasks. I’ll comment here when this is live. Once live, in order to get it to show up on your end, you will need to close your roast.world tabs and then reopen them. This will then load the latest version of the web app.

Thanks for the heads up on this.

A fix for this issue has been pushed to production. If you can’t see it yet, there are two ways to get this showing. You can either:

  1. Close all Roast World tabs and then reopen a new tab (preferred method) . OR
  2. Reload your page and on the bottom left-hand side you should see a message with ‘A new version of Roast World has been release’. and a REFRESH button. Once you click that button, you should get the latest version of the app.

Problem solve. Thanks derrxb.
The graph looks better than previous version. Love it.