Bug: Roast World roasts are unable to load (fixed)

Hi all,
Yesterday i have this Message i can’t see my roasts via Browser

Error: There was an error in loading this page. You can try reloading Roast World to fix this issue.

Our team has been notified. A possible cause for this error is missing or insufficient permissions..

have anyone the same Problem…with the Roastsoftware no issue

I have the same problem.

I logged out and then logged in again. After this,I could see my roasts again.

Hi everyone, we are aware of this issue. It seems that a quick temporary fix is to re-login into Roast World. This should let it work as normal for a few hours. I will get this fixed ASAP.

Best regards,

Ok a relogin fix this, but of the Page of the User Rob Hoos the Same Message…Thanks for the Info

Hi everyone, this has been fixed.

it works well