Bug: RoasTime 3.2.5 Temperature Data in Wrong Units (so far only one specific profile is affected) (fixed in next release)

Finished my roast all in degrees F, When I went to look at it, the axis were the same, but the graph and data had converted to degree C, On top of that the data fields all showed degrees F. Anyone else have this issue. I looked at my settings, but didn’t see any thing unusual.

I use F° as well. On earlier versions I had an issue with the number of decimals changing but not with temperature units of measure. Once set there’s no reason for them to change but just to be sure did you confirm your choice of units in Config was still F°… ??


Thanks Bruce. Yes, I did check my temp unit setting and it is in degrees F. It ran in F during the roast just fine, dumping the beans at 420 F. When I went to put in the roasted bean weight, I noticed that the finish temp was about 215 F and the whole chart shifted down in temp. It didn’t make any sense until I did a little math and discovered it was actually showing degrees C, but listed in units of F. My previous roast record did not do this. This is just my second post seasoning roast, so operator error is still not out of the question. :grin:

Just to confirm- you’re looking at the roast profile in RT3.2.5, right? You’re not seeing this when looking at the same roast via R.W using your Dashboard… ??

Assuming it is indeed RT3 that is displaying C° values for F° Config settings, would you please post a screenshot?


Here it is. Notice the Bean Temp and IBTS temps at the top. Data suggests degrees C but it lists units as degrees F. Also, I looked the roast up on Roast World and it shows everything normal.

Hi @jnorris22100fp, this does seem like an issue. We do have an early release candidate for v3.3.0 that might have gotten this fixed. You can get that here: V3.3.0 Soft Release - #4

In the meantime, I’ll forward this issue to the Roastime developers to get some help for you.


Can you check if other roasts also show the weird readings as well? I checked with one of the RT devs and they mentioned that the ambient temp is correct. So i’d just like to verify that other roasts are also affected.

All my other roasts (6) are normal, all showing good Fahrenheit data. Funny how the ambient temp did not change. Thanks for your help.

Hey, thanks for responding so quickly.

I can confirm that this is a bug and that v3.3.0 does not fix this. I can also confirm that it seems to be an issue only with this specific profile. @tent is looking into this and I will write back here when it’s fixed.

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Hey guys, we have a fix for this that we will include in 3.3.0 real release in the next couple days.