Bug: Roastime does not load correctly

I went to roast today and Roastworld won’t load. Double click or right click → Open and nothing happens. I’ve not done anything since last roast. Windws 10. I can’t tell which Roastworld version since I can’t open it.

It happened to me after my last Win 10 update. Downloaded the latest RT installer from the Aillio site, installed and it worked.

If you’re concerned about which version, I take it you mean RoasTime? Version changes to Roast.World aren’t apparent to the user since they are auto-installed for all users.

To add to what @cash0612 said, the link to d/l the latest RT version is roastime.aillio.com (3.3.0). That will give you a fresh install with a version that includes significant improvements for speeding up USB comm handling.


Interesting… I think I’ve seen a couple earlier instances here of the same thing. I dodged that bullet apparently as I chose to upgrade to Win11 (new computer) instead of updating.


Bruce - you’re correct. I meant Roastime.
Right after posting I noticed that Windows had an update restart scheduled. I went ahead and forced the update, uninstalled Roastime and installed RT 3.3.0. Now everything’s back to normal.
Thanks both of you for your replies.


Good news!