Bug: RoastTime freezing after every roast

My software is freezing after every roast for some reason. (only the temperature readings) Once I put my roaster to PH mode after every roast the software just freezes and sometimes I have to close the RoastTime or disconnect the USB and plug again.

RoastTime version: v3.1.4

I had the same issue yesterday with the same version software. I wished we were given the option to update rather than being pushed one when we may not be ready for it. I had to restart the software at the beginning of a roast.

I have a freeze problem that occurs at the end of PH. V3.1.4 and two previous versions were similarly affected.

I also have a freeze problem occurring at the end of PH with v3.1.4. I can easily reproduce the error when using playback. Also, the bean temp. between control panel and RoasTime are slightly different (1-2 degree Celsius).

Same issue too. I have to restart my computer to fix it. Simply quitting the program was not enough. Occasionally it would playback a recipe, but sometimes it would also start making temp changes to the recipie.

Hi everyone,

I’d just like to let you guys know that I forwarded this thread to @matthew. He’s been looking into this.

Hey guys,

I have identified and am working on a fix for the freezing issue. Looks like it broke in this last version. Sorry for the inconvenience. I will have a fix early this week.