Bug: RW and RT sync error caused by issue with cloud provider (Might affect multiple users)

I don’t know what I did, but I bug my Roast World account, doesn’t sync with RoastTime, doesn’t let me see some recipes and I can’t edit nothing.

Something I did that caused all those errors…

Hey Miguel,

I saw on Roast World that your last roast was completed on August 5th. Is this the last roast that also shows up in Roastime?

Also, can you try logging out of both Roast World and Roastime to see if that fixes the error? Could you possible send a screenshot of the error that you’re experiencing?

Feel free to respond here and I’ll quickly respond to help sort this out.

Hi @derrxb , thanks for your answer!!

There are several batches that are not in Roast World and that are in RoasTime but have not been uploaded to the page, there are also several profiles such as TC264 that throw 404 error in Roast World, everything is working fine locally in RoasTime and I can log the curves without problems, this happens with both computers with which I use RoasTime.

The new coffees I added in Roast World also aren’t synced with RoasTime.

Also, any changes I make in Roast World are not saved and come back as before when I exit.

I will comment screenshots when I am in front of the computer.


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Hello @miguelszvy,

Thank you so much for pointing this out. I’ve found the root cause of the issue to be an issue with our cloud service provider (if you would like all the details you can see this issue here on Github: https://github.com/firebase/firebase-functions/issues/922). I’ve pushed the fixed mentioned in the post and so any data created/changed from now on should be reflected correctly on RW and RT.

However, we might need to do a few additional work on our end to get the data from time of the first error to the time the fixed was pushed. So that data might be out of sync for a day or two.

However, if you want the data to sync immediately you can make slight updates to the roast, bean, or recipe that will trigger a correct sync. i.e. changing a roast’s title slightly would cause a resync that would fix the issue before. This would fix the issue with your roast showing 404s.

Best regards,


Hi @derrxb , thanks for your quick intervention, everything looks fine now and working very good :slight_smile:

Toggling the roast between private/public does the function of force the resync.


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