Bug that erases roasted weights and green weights

Just encountered this the last couple times I have roasted. I go to put in the roasted final weight and it deletes/creates blank bubbles for previous roasts (some that were weeks apart). There is no way to recover the roasted weights so I lose all that information. Same thing happens with the green weight. Hope that makes sense. Anyone seeing this or has it been fixed or is it just me? Using a 2014 MacBook Pro for my roasting computer.

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I think you are on RT 3 correct?
A lot of bugs have been fixed in RT4. I would give that a try.

The version at the top of my interface for roast time is v4.6.16.

Also…since I have you here. Is there a way to log in roast time when you clean the roaster? I would love to keep that type of info right in with the calendar but there is no way to input that type of data. Sort of like a cleaning reminder that can be set by number of roasts or at least tracked? Thanks a ton.


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In a recent update (1-2 wks ago ish?), the Enter key in the roasted weight field has begun to take me to that roast profile instead of entering the data in that field so it saves.

Clicking with the mouse on the Save button on the Roasted Weight field is the workaround I found to help.

Hey @buddysbestfarm,

Thanks for reporting this! We will get this fixed asap.


Is there a chance you guys could add a sync button so one can sync manually also? or is this already implemented?