Bullet 3D model

Does anyone have a true to scale 3d model of the aillio bullet v2 itself, preferably in .step format? Obviously i could throw one together in 20 minutes or so, but no need to reinvent the wheel if it’s been done before. Just modeling and building a custom kitchen furniture piece that’ll have a roll out cart for the bullet, and having a true to scale bullet would help in modeling and building this cart.

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I’ll be watching this with great interest; hope you’ll be kind enough to share the file if you develop it; good luck, and thanks!

If no one steps up I’ll certainly throw something together to plan my kitchen cart, but i likely won’t go too much further than accurate outside measurements for space planning, that’ll include the handle and trier, power supply, legs and drum, control panel, etc. but not going to go nuts modeling every detail in between, individual vbuttons, etc. I could, but overkill for planning how big a plank of wood it needs to sit on lol

@jacob, anyone? Someone at aillio has a 3d model of this thing surely, would really be helpful if it could be shared. Would save me an hour or two of measuring and replicating!