Bullet connecting and disconnecting after update

I did the RoasTime update and it says my bullet is connected then disconnects. I have restarted my computer and bullet multiple time. I can even get the graphing to work. Help please!!!

Please help us by providing more information.
What platform are you on? Windows?
Which RT version?
Does it keep disconnection and then reconnecting?
What do you mean by graphing? Please send a screenshot.
The more info we have the faster we can solve the problem

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Can you export your logs and send them to us? It is in Settings->Software.

I am having this same problem. I have RT4 and just did a cleaning. RT says connected but when I try to start a recipe and click preheat on screen it will flash that my roaster is disconnected. I have removed the software on my laptop 3 times and unplugged/plugged in my roaster including the cord from the roaster to the laptop.

Woop and just as soon as I posted I see that I needed a firmware update. Trying that now.

Yep, it was the firmware.

Error same USB connection lost.

ST V 4.3.2
This Error Log .

[2023-04-26T13:10:31.879Z] (9) [INFO] | roastime-backend | Replaying the WAL…
[2023-04-26T13:10:31.896Z] (1) [ERROR] | roastime-frontend | Error opening socket comms @ ws://localhost:58556/usb
{“version”:“v1.32.0”,“error”:“WebSocket closed with reason: (1006).”,“url”:“ws://localhost:58556/usb”,“portKeyName”:“comms”}
[2023-04-26T13:10:31.898Z] (2) [ERROR] | roastime-frontend | Error opening socket backend @ ws://localhost:58555
{“version”:“v1.32.0”,“error”:“WebSocket closed with reason: (1006).”,“url”:“ws://localhost:58555”,“portKeyName”:“backend”}
[2023-04-26T13:10:32.906Z] (10) [INFO] | roastime-backend | Adding uokkZysTyWMA4q3gJ5oFPLD3FmB3 on disk…

Thanks for the log, this helps.
Latest versions are:
Please wait for it update to the latest back-end 1.18.0 and see if that helps?

you went from 1.33 to 1.36 in 3 days? I updated 3 days ago and it was 1.33. This begs the question of what are the changes…that just seems like a lot of changes in 3 days…

@blacklabs Not all versions go out to everybody. We have groups that get certain updates until we are satisfied with testing. So the “prod” cohort may skip multiple versions.

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Do you have the full log file? These logs are actually normal, the websocket usually takes a couple times to connect due to startup times of the processes.