Bullet Crash During roast / Dangerous incident as Bullet unresponsive


Ive never had this issue before so reporting here as just happened.

Roasttime just updated today on my PC and I carried out two roasts just now as usual using a base then cloned recipe (240ph, P7-P5-P4 and F3 throughout using 500g beans. First roast went ok, dumped beans, i then selected b2b roast using F1 and started new cloned recipe from RT. Roast went ok initially, on first A02 I clicked F2, the bullet crashed on second roast just around FC at circa 209c - it was when the ‘safety’ A-02 warning beep happened on the bullet- the screen started flashing and all buttons became unresponsive, even PRS - plus the telemetry to PC stopped. The only way to stop a fire / prevent damage was to quickly dump beans, turn machine off an on again after 5sec then quickly initiate cooling cycle. Roasttime 4.6.16 was used and firmware 605. The screen on bullet looked slightly corrupted as it read A.n on drum temp LED. I have a video can share if needed. Can you let me know any recommendations / diagnosis / preventions

An initial observation / bug also - in RT top left the old recipe was still showing in purple with an ‘i’ icon in circle next to it, however on left the correct latest recipe that i loaded was showing in the white text.

thanks Jamie

Do you know if it was about to, or had just executed some action in the recipe?
From our experience then the bullet could come unresponsive / crash if too much humidity gets into the control board.
This happens if the exhaust filter is not clean.

Hi so the only action I think was was to say alarm out notification on the pc . The exhaust (silver basket) was cleaned literally just before roasting and batch sizes were 500g. Temperature ambient was about 19c and wasn’t that humid. Thx J

I am not ruling out a firmware bug that could cause this, but these are very uncommon.
You can also check the IBTS cable to the control board. If the IBTS connection is not working this could block the front panel with LEDs from working as well as they run on the same interface bus.