Bullet does not connect to Roast time...says disconnected

Hi all. Just fired up my new Bullet. Before I do my seasoning roasts, I seem to be having trouble connecting to Roastime via the provided USB. Says “No connection. Please make sure your roaster is powered on and connected via USB.” Checked connections, tried restarting pc, restarting Bullet, etc. No luck. Any ideas? I did download RT before I received the Bullet, perhaps there is an update? I am running v 4.6.9. Thanks in advance.

I’d start by reinstalling dependencies. Top right corner in Roastime Your profile / edit settings / Sowtware / Reinstall dependencies. If not, try Roastime 3 to see if it recognizes it, but I don’t know if that will help.

Hi @kyledkleinschmit.AAP , as mentioned above, connect the usb to the roaster and please try reinstalling dependencies. If you’re on Windows, you might need to allow some RoasTime programs through the Windows Defender firewall. There should usually be some pop-ups prompting you to do so if you’re installing for the first time.

Thanks @jeffaillio and @braca19452f9m, all good now! Great tips as always! Cheers.

I’m having the same issue and attempted to follow the instructions above. However, I don’t see an option to reinstall dependencies on MacOS

Hey, are you available now to screenshare and debug? The dependencies install is only on windows is why you are not seeing it.

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Yes, I am!

Could you please read my last post in this thread. I’m also having troubles since the latest update of RoasTime 4. Downgrading to RoasTime 3 is a workaround for now. Hope this helps.

Just did a screenshare with @thewildcup . His logs looked good, but we saw there was a lower-level USB error when sending data to the roaster. Unplugging both the roaster and USB and plugging them back in (plus restarting RT4) seems to have solved his issue. This seems to only been an issue on initial upgrade.

Do you mind trying the same thing when you get a chance @gproastery ? If it continues to be an issue, I would be happy to screenshare with you as well and see if we can get it resolved.

I’m currently away from my Bullet and computer. But I have tried restarting both the Bullet and RoastTime 4. Uninstalled and installed the software. I was able to see through the System Report that the Aillio Bullet is connected via the USB. After that I downgraded to RT3 - connection worked. Upgraded to RT4 - same problem - bullet not connected.

Ok, can we setup a time early next week?

Sure we can, is Monday ok?

HI i am dealing with the same issue, roasting on a mac. it worked for my 4 season roasts connected fine all was well, i came back a week later and now it wont connect. did the typical un install re install didnt work. the cable is the original. the only thing thats different is the roastime 4 said it updated. roastime 3 is working fine and connecting without issue.

Having the same problem here. Also on Mac. The software auto update to 4.6.9 then it stop connecting to the machine. Please help!

Anybody have any work around other than downgrading to RT3?

Need a solution to continue roasting soon :sob:

DM’d each of you - would like to screenshare with everyone to see if you have the same issue or something different than the others.

I ran into the same issue two nights ago (on 2010 iMac running High Sierra, I believe). Hadn’t roasted in a month, Roastime said it had an update and please restart. It updated to 4.6.9 and then kept saying “disconnected,” even following multiple restarts of computer and software, and un/re-plugging USB and Bullet power cable.

Every time I quit RT and reopened it, it did the ‘updating’ thing and put up a new little ‘SUCCESS’ notification. I’m attaching what that looked like the last time.

I wanted to roast, so tried using RT 3.x, but started getting the P0 thing . . . I’m pretty sure it was overheating, but I don’t know if was the software or something I’d done in the cleaning previous to all this.

If we’re happy with a version of RT, it would be really nice to be able to stick with it, and not be forced to update. I loved how the previous 4.x version was working.

Screen Shot 2023-06-19 at 4.28.27 PM

Last night I went to roast and my roaster would not stay connected to roastime 4.6.9. I see this morning it is now up to 4.6.15, hopefully that fixes the problems.

Please help I am also unable to connect my bullet to my Mac/roast time and I have also tried everything here that was suggested.

Downloaded/installed 4.6.15, still having “disconnected” issues, and error beeps/codes. On Mac: “17” and “6864.” Doesn’t matter how many times I force quit the app, restart Bullet, plug/unplug power and USB cables. RT3.4.1 has no problem seeing Bullet, but it is throwing overheating errors (possibly due to something I did last time I cleaned impeller fan?). I’m going to try to find an old laptop that had 4.something on it, and am hoping the Bullet will let me use the software while not connected to the Internet (to avoid being forced to update when I DON’T WANT TO).