Bullet First Roasts Story-time

Finally unboxed my bullet today and was like a kid on Christmas morning. Started with the 3 seasoning roasts in which I hesitantly provided Costa Rican offerings of thanksgiving. I was not too thrilled as I watched my bullet RIP past 1C in P7 saying good by to what was. Nothing against those dark roast folk but I choose to appreciate some of those lighter and more dynamic flavors. So as I was providing a new medium to this new steel I guess I also reflected that these would be the last 3 times these beans get this toasty. M/ind you, my wife was in our tiny house at the moment, with minimal ventilation…it was a scene lol. So finished the seasonings x3 then work on my first actual roast which was a nice Guatemala. I kind of felt I had the house a little chilly, around 58F so just things to improve on. Next was the Colombia huila and I was pretty pumped with how I targeted for 1C at 8m and hit it. Beans are smelling yum / stoked to cup tomorrow but am curious if i am going to be tasting any metal on these first two roasts…love the learning and look forward to hearing from you all about tips and tricks. Also if in northern Arizona reach out! cheers!

I first seasoned my Bullet with 4 seasoning roasts and did not notice any off flavors, such as oil or metal, on the first coffee. My first coffee wasn’t great as it was a difficult bean, I roasted too light, and in general hadn’t yet gotten used to the Bullet, but I would be surprised if you’re tasting any machine oils or metals from the roaster itself after proper seasoning.

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thank you and yes just cupping the colombia right now and its not bad just a touch dark but still yum on the profile.

Went through six seasoning roasts… first few after were okay, for sure got better with time and more practice! Now after about 100 plus roasts, I am in love. One of the best investments of my life :slight_smile: First deep cleaning was a bit scary, but also got easier over time. Have a great adventure!!!

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