Bullet for commercial use in the US

I’m hoping someone has an answer for this. Thank you in advance.

I’ve been using/testing Bullet for almost 6months. I’ll be opening a small roastery cafe in Ohio in the next few months, and I was wondering if anybody had been using Bullet as their main roaster in the US.
On Aillio’s website, they said Bullet can be used as a starting roaster for small businesses, but I don’t see any certifications listed.(such as UL EPH, NSF, ETL Sanitation)

I love this little machine, and I really don’t want to change to another roaster yet.

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Please check this link: https://aillio.com/?download=30003

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Any plans on having more listings such as UL, ETL, or NSF? EU Reach probably won’t work in the US.

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We are working on UL certification as well, but it is uncertain when this will be complete. You can suggest other certifications by contacting aillio directly.


Thanks for the update. That’s great news!
I actually sent an email about this an hour or two ago.
I really hope UL certification happens soon!
Thanks again.

Any word on UL testing? My daughter is a project manager at UL.

@jacob I was wondering about the CE certification - do you have any information about it online? As far as I understand, the Bullet already has this certificate, but I can’t find any information about it.
We have the same situation as described in this topic - we want to open a small roastery in EU and we need the CE certification for the official paperwork.
Any help would be appreciated!