Bullet r1 stopped in between roasting

Bullet r1 stopped working, i was overlaying 3rd batch it suddenly started beeping and power wont go up, it automatically came to P0.
any lead??

showing some ErC and keep on beeping

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What number is the ErC?

it worked thanks, cleaned up the sensor’s fan, was it caused because of that!
just curious though :blush:
because it didn’t work immediately, worked only at second try…

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i’ve got this issue once before , but never happen again. i would like to know what is “sensor’s fan”. is it IBTS’s fun?

Hi @karny ,

Yes , IBTS Fan. but, i am not sure whether my problem was solved just because i cleaned my IBTS Fan, because it didn’t work immediately after cleaning it. it started working when i restarted the bullet. since then no issue.
you can try out next time you receive this error though :blush:

many thanks for your prompt reply. it’s very helpful advice. enjoy roasting with R1:-)

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